Safe Practical Horsemanship is what we believe in. Every rider has the abilities to
ride a safe horse, and Michelle Gilles believes that it is her job to give you the tools
to be able to succeed in all your horsemanship goals. A confident horse and rider
begins with basic COMMON SENSE, and education. There is no rocket science
involved in our program!

Michelle has a deep understanding of how a horse's mind works and that is the key
to modifying behavior in flight animals. Knowing that all horses have their own
ingrained behavior traits she is able to asses and modify those traits to benefit both
horse and rider. Building confidence is the foundation to successful horsemanship.

The majority of the horses Michelle trains are  neglected or mistreated or just un
handled. Establishing leadership, confidence and communication is the key to
success with all horses ESPECIALLY these type.

Michelle uses a variety of techniques she has learned over the years. Growing up
with horses, and centering her college career around them, she has a firm grasp on
what it takes to make a successful horse and rider team that can excel in any
discipline. She models her styles after renowned California Vaquero Villa West,
apprenticing with him for many years, she learned a quiet, gentle approach that
makes the horse feel safe!

Teaching the rider the basic stepping stones to safety and how to read their horse
helps teach the rider to control any situation that may arise. When the rider has
confidence that follows through to the horse and keeps any dangerous situations
form escalating! Confidence to read when there is a danger of losing control
provides for immediate correction. Always expect the best from your horse, but be
prepared for the worst!

Each horse comes in with a clean slate. Michelle likes to say "I hit Control Alt
Delete on your horses past, its a new beginning for you and your horse, and from
here on out we are reprogramming him with confidence and you with leadership."
There is no room for excuses oh behalf of horse and rider, just growth towards new

Using gentle methods that create a harmonious relationship for horse and rider is
the goal. No need for gimmicks, harsh treatment, and a heavy handed approach.

If you strive to be an excellent communicator with your horse so you can reach that
next level of horsemanship no matter whether you ride in the arena, or on the trail
Michelle Gilles' Common sense approach is th method to get you there.
Training Philosophy
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